Random notes on Pieter and Matt visit

Colored Coins working means bitcoin have no fungibility.

Lot of crypto ideas researched on bitcoin could be added on the status quo, it will be better than now As example level 0 (coinbase) could add cryptography proofs

Blockchainlab more zelot on bitcoin than blockstream!

Federated chain with bizantine fault tolerant reinvent traditional with better technology. Where bizantine fault tolerant are used in actual product today?

The blockchain is a log of updates of a database! UTXO set is exactly database

Federated blockchain has no proof of work logs can be altered but since participant are known and loose reputation. The advantage of bitcoin is parties are anonymous not the immutability.

Ferdinando say blockchain useful only for bearer asset bearer asset vs registered asset (land ownership) blockchain great for fungible bearer asset

Blockchain is just applied cryptography to vary arguments

Mimble Wimble it’s the first blockchain which is entirely prunable. While proving history is true. Andrew is working on proving formally mimble wimble. Hard to implement in Bitcoin in the short term.

Aggregating signatures could be an incentive for a coinjoin (because you use less space, thus pay less)

Digital signatures is a specialized Zero Knowledge Proof, where talking about ZKP is intended g generalized ZKP

OWAS are based on more recent history so less proven

If you pay 20x for privacy I become a target, privacy must be the default.

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